About Us. The Greater the Challenge, the Higher We Rise. 

In the heart of downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, you'll find SmartRayVisionYou'll find hard working people, building the most accurate, sophisticated X-Ray software technology in the world.  Our reliable, X-Ray technology is used every day to identify possible threats, in clearest detail. SmartRayVision makes the impossible X-Ray...possible.  


SmartRayVision products are made in the USA to ensure our customers receive product reliability, high-quality performance, and attentive service. Manufacturing on American soil allows us to work with agility and flexibility, pursuing cutting-edge innovation as fast as technology evolves, and exploring special customer requests with speed-to-market quickness.


At SmartRayVision, we work with integrity and without excuses to support our customers. This deep commitment to serve those who serve us is not just what we do…it’s who we are at our very core. SmartRayVision people are problem-solvers who embrace the complex and never give up on the difficult. You can count on anytime-anywhere customer service delivered by people with a passion to help those who serve - all so that you and your EOD teams get the certainty and confidence needed to make the critical decisions that keeps us all safe.


Please contact us with your questions. We're here to help you fully understand the SmartRayVision products, the many innovative features, and the valuable benefits they bring.



Joel Riling



VP Government Programs

Cell: (817) 845-3463


Ben Klein


ANG EOD | Former US Army EOD

State and Local Sales

Office (877) 638-3868 ext. 33




Office: (877) 638-3868