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Company Profile 

SmartRayVision is a leading innovator and manufacturer based in the USA, specializing in highly portable, reliable, and visually articulate X-Ray systems designed for EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), First Responder, and Checkpoint security applications. Our legacy in this field spans 14 years, marked by continuous innovation and excellence.


Our journey began with the introduction of our first EOD system, which quickly garnered recognition and trust, leading to securing contracts with the world’s largest EOD portable X-Ray system customer – the US Army, under its coveted EOD X-Ray program of record. Today, we proudly supply and support the US Army with our third-generation SmartRayVision kit, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and reliability.


At SmartRayVision, we excel in worldwide deployment and sustainment, leveraging finely tuned CONUS/OCONUS logistics and offering round-the-clock human support. Our philosophy revolves around continuous innovation aimed at making our systems easier, faster, stronger, and ultimately, perfect.


Our SmartRayVision systems are deployed globally, serving diverse purposes such as EOD operations, investigations, bag checking, and general security needs. Our clientele includes esteemed organizations such as the US Army, ATF, Australian Federal Police, US State Department, US Secret Service, GIGN, NAVSCOLEOD/Advanced IEDD, FBI-HDS training facilities, and numerous other US Federal Agencies and Public Sector entities.


Experience the Difference with SmartRayVision.

Image Quality

Automatic Connectivity

While anyone can achieve a satisfactory image under ideal circumstances or when imaging straightforward objects, we advocate for excellence at all times.

Consistency is key – expect not just

good, but exceptional image quality

every time. In 2023, SmartRayVision

integrated AI into its image processing,

ensuring consistently stellar results.

AI Image Processing in SmartRayVision

Software sets the standard for X-Ray imaging excellence.

See more: SRV AI Gallery or click below

Screenshot 2023-10-19 142255.png

Operation Temperature

extreme temps.jpg

No matter the weather conditions, SmartRayVision is designed to perform. With an operational temperature range of -29 to 50 degrees Celsius (-21 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit), our hardware can withstand extreme temperatures.  


xray thru ice.png

What sets SmartRayVision apart is its intelligent image processing technology, which adapts to the hardware temperatures in real-time. This ensures optimal image capture quality, even in hot or cold environments. Unlike other systems with narrow temperature tolerances,

SRV delivers consistent and

reliable results, whether you're

in the desert or snow.


The SRV Imager panels boast a remarkable 4-foot drop shock tolerance, even without the addition of bulky protective "Armor" commonly used to safeguard delicate panels. Our insight from working closely with EOD operators reveals their primary focus is on the dangerous task at hand, rather than on temperamental equipment.  Typically, the panel constitutes the most costly component in an EOD X-Ray kit. Unfortunately, for most suppliers

of EOD X-Ray kits,

the panel is the

least resilient and

often comes with

stringent warranty

limitations. These

panels frequently

feature shock

sensors to monitor

potential warranty breaches. If it's not from SmartRayVision, dropping the panel could lead to costly repairs or necessitate purchasing a replacement unit.

When it comes to connectivity, simplicity is key. With SmartRayVision, you can seamlessly connect your system without any hassle. Whether you're running wirelessly or using cables, our system automatically engages with the new protocol as soon as you plug them in—no complicated setup required. Additionally, we use standard Cat6 network cables, which offer several advantages over proprietary cables. Not only are they more readily available, but they're also easily replaceable.

With SmartRayVision,

you won't have to worry

about downtime due to a

broken cable.

Image Capture

In the unpredictable

environment of EOD

operations, SmartRayVision

X-Ray systems empower operators with

unprecedented flexibility. Unlike traditional systems

that limit capabilities, SmartRayVision's innovative approach enables operators to tackle challenging scenarios head on.  One of our groundbreaking

features is the "Long Exposure" capability, a rarity

in the industry. Unlike conventional systems where

the detector panel dictates image capture, SmartRayVision puts control in the operator's hands.

By synchronizing with operator actions like "FIRE"

and "PULSE COUNT," the system allows for

extended exposure times. This enables operators

to penetrate brick or concrete walls, inspect vehicle exteriors, and explore other creative solutions to complex challenges. With SmartRayVision, there

are no limitations—only possibilities.

SRVision-19 (1).jpg


For an EOD operator, dependable boils down to one crucial factor: consistent performance. It means equipment that functions flawlessly every time it is needed—no breakdowns, no complex maintenance routines or shipping logistics, and certainly no convoluted boot-up or connection sequences to memorize. With SmartRayVision, dependable isn't just a promise; it's a guarantee. Plus, if an EOD team has multiple SRV kits, the hardware components are easily interchangeable in the field, ensuring uninterrupted operations when it matters most.

Copy of Panel Placement 2 (1).jpg

SRV 3D Video X-Ray

undefined-low (1).gif

They say a picture is worth a thousand words,

but a video is worth a thousand pictures.

As we embrace video as a standard form of

communication on our cell phones, it's only

natural that SRV X-Ray kits evolve to include

true 3D Video X-Ray capabilities.  With SRV,

the transition from 2D to 3D Video X-Ray is

seamless. By introducing motion to either

the X-Ray source or the target object, our

X-Ray kits can capture dynamic 3D visuals.

While a quick 2D X-Ray shot may suffice for

time-sensitive or high-risk scenarios, the 3D

option allows for comprehensive exploration from all angles when time permits.  Unlike traditional methods that rely on a collection of static images, SRV's 3D Video X-Ray delivers true video at speeds of 1-20 frames per second, maintaining exceptional image quality with each frame. This breakthrough technology provides unparalleled detail, making it invaluable for scenarios where visual precision is paramount.

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