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Micro size,
Massive Performance.

Main Mini-Tac Components

Panel Comparison 2_edited.png
HH Controller in TC.png
Mini-Tac Panel

The Mini-Tac Panel is the smallest Imager Panel on the market. It is a micro panel that can slide into a pocket and be concealed until ready for duty.

Handheld Controller

The Handheld Controller is the perfect compliment for the Mini-Tac Panel. It's lightweight and small. 

TC Trigger.png
TacComm™ Trigger

The TacComm Trigger fits the mold for this micro X-Ray system. Small form factor and no battery required, plug into your generator and go.

Mini-Tac System next to a X1012 Extreme 3x Imager Panel for reference.

Mini-Tac Kit Comp. 1012.png
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