Bye-Bye Battery Blues

Kevin Scholz, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer

Battery power. It’s the nemesis of every technology system. For bomb techs, nothing is as annoying, frustrating, and potentially dangerous, as managing the batteries that run the vital equipment you rely on, especially when various equipment might require four or five different kinds of batteries.


It’s a nagging problem. Will you have all the right kinds of batteries on hand when you need them? Do the batteries packed alongside your equipment still have good life in them, or are they already duds?  


That’s why since day one, SmartRayVision has strived to conquer the battery hassles and give bomb techs a worry-free solution. We started by developing new components that operate with non-proprietary component batteries for easy, inexpensive replacement as needed—no special, costly batteries required.


Now we’ve gone one giant step forward.


Our newest SmartRayVision™ Extreme 2x Digital X-Ray System gives bomb techs a single, and very familiar battery solution—a smart lithium polymer battery (DeWALT®). The system comes with a DeWALT battery and charger. Since these batteries are "off the shelf", you can stock up on as many as you would like for your system.


At the IABTI International and Regional Conferences, this new battery solution was all the buzz with bomb techs.


And it gets even better.


Our newest software now includes a battery charge status indicator that tells bomb techs how much charge remains in each of your powered-on device batteries – all from one screen.


While battery management isn’t exactly a glamorous enhancement, knowing battery life in real time is an extremely practical improvement, one that saves time, effort, and takes the guesswork out of doing your job.


Who knew batteries could be so exciting? We did.