Cop Proof, Marine Proof

Kevin Scholz, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer


Inevitably during any training session, there’s a lightbulb moment when an EOD professional will state out loud, “So this thing’s cop-proof!” or “Oh, you’ve made it marine-proof!” While it always gets a laugh, we know it’s a serious compliment.


Our SmartRayVision systems are built for contingencies, however you want to call those.


Because we know bomb squads typically juggle other municipal duties between emergencies or don’t get called out to check suspicious packages every single day. We know our systems might sit for weeks between use…or might get used non-stop for hours on end at big events and airports. We know the weather is unpredictable. We know there isn’t always power available. Even when there is power and Wi-Fi, we also know there can be “noise” and interference. 


 Basically, we know s*#t happens.


So we’ve built our products and designed features to work, period. And to give EOD professionals the options they need to face whatever’s out there. Take a look at just few examples: 

  • Each SmartRayVision system comes with two, lithium polymer batteries—one to use, one spare for quick field swap in the DR Detector. 
  • Cable connectors across the SmartRayVision system are non-proprietary and available for quick replacement at most any hardware store.
  • Wired with single point-to-point network cable in 6m and 50m ultra-thin spools.
  • Wireless connectivity with Wi-Fi range, line-of-sight 200 to 400m with SmartCOMM™.
  • 5GHz 802.11n, ac WPA2-AES support.

So you can be safe and sure, no matter what.