Customer Service Defining Moments

Robin Pfaff, President/Chief Operating Officer

A bomb tech from Florida recently told us, “Your customer service is another big reason we love your product and company. The responsiveness is absolutely amazing. We know you have our backs.”


We’ve heard similar praise from others, including just yesterday from an ATF official who complimented us on our “fantastic customer support.”


While it’s always nice to hear, we began to wonder, why is our customer service such a big differentiator? Surely other X-Ray companies “have customers’ backs” with their customer support?


Maybe, maybe not. Or maybe it’s just that the SmartRayVision definition of service and support is entirely different than any of our competitors. 


Here’s what we mean when we say we provide customer service and deliver support:


Safety through innovation and training. SmartRayVision offers LIVE phone training with your system purchase for as many personnel as you would like. Generally two hours in length, it can be customized, repeated, and scheduled so your squad become SRV system experts.


You can ask us anything. Whether you’re performing a routine check of equipment at your desk and have a simple question, or you’re out in the urban jungle checking a suspicious package and things get complicated, we’ll be there.


You can talk with someone who has answers. When you call SmartRayVision, you don’t reach a message-taking service that passes your information along. Instead, you get immediate assistance from a highly responsive technical support team.

Software/System Updates/Check in Calls from our support team. We are not only here to support you, but to ensure you have the latest software for your system. Proactive updating to keep you up-to-date and safe.


You get rapid repair right here in the U.S. Should you ever have a problem with your system, we’ll fix it quickly, with a one-week turnaround or faster. Your system is too critical to your mission to be without it any longer than that.


Accept Nothing Less

SmartRayVision is unwavering in its commitment to customer service. If you, the bomb tech, need customer support, and a company isn’t there to help you navigate the dangers you face, that’s unforgivable. If a part breaks or falters and the product has to be shipped offshore for repairs, taking six months or longer to fix, that’s unacceptable. 


To us, your job is too important for anything less than total, unmitigated responsiveness.


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