Made Here, Because It Matters Here

Robin Pfaff, President/Chief Operating Officer


At SmartRayVision, we sell and distribute our digital X-Ray systems all over the world. And even though we deliver the highest-quality products globally, we are proudly committed to making them right here Green Bay, USA.


This home-grown production makes the best sense to us. One chief reason is the high trust factor we’re asking EOD squads and Special Forces to place in us and our systems. Vital to that trust is the need to keep quality control right under our noses.


In other words, doing the right thing, means doing it right here.


Our domestic manufacturing and product assembly also ensures speed to market and reliable customer service. Plus, it makes us more agile and flexible; it means we can customize product component requests more quickly and dependably.


Still another reason is our dedication to support American workers and help bolster our local economy. Green Bay, Wisconsin, is our home and we value the Midwestern work ethic so common here. It’s what makes our customer service second to none.



Go Pack, Go!