Train the Way You Fight

Joel Riling, VP Government Programs


Anyone who’s been in the U.S. military or attended police academy training has heard the mantra, “Train the way you fight.” This need for realistic training is what drives the curriculum behind any number of EOD training centers across the country, and why SmartRayVision (SRV) is particularly proud to be a system-of-choice for training at three major schools.

  • The FBI’s Hazardous Devices School (HDS) is one of only two bomb training facilities in the world with the capacity to train law enforcement and military personnel on the latest  technologies and methods. Only the HDS permits civilian law enforcement officers to train for safe and effective bomb disposal.
    • The school uses two SRV Digital X-Ray Systems as part of its course introducing new, Direct Radiography (DR) technology.
  • The ATF’s Home-Made Explosives (HME) Course is a full week of operator-level training for the identification of precursor chemicals and manufacturing equipment, processing techniques, along with safe handling, mitigation and disposal of hazardous HME mixtures.
    • The SRV Digital X-Ray System is the only new technology demonstrated and taught during the course.
  • The Navy’s Advanced Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (AIEDD) training facility   provides a joint course run by the Navy on Eglin Air Force Base. It is designed to train EOD team members, personnel of other key federal agencies, and selected international EOD personnel to diagnose, disable, contain, and dispose of sophisticated IEDs in varied environments.
    • SRV Digital X-Ray System is the primary system used and the only Direct Radiography (DR) technology used in the training.

These, as well as other training schools and courses around the world that use our systems, serve as another testament to capability and the reliability of our products.