Walking in Your Suit

Robin Pfaff, President/Chief Operating Officer

Maintaining an understanding of what our customers experience and encounter on a daily basis is part of our mission here at SmartRayVision. So at a recent company-wide meeting, we invited Lt. Christopher Knurr of the Brown-Outagamie County Bomb Squad to talk with our employees about the successes and challenges his squad routinely faces.


At the close of the meeting, Lt. Knurr invited employees to try on his unit’s bomb suit and get a true feel for what it’s like to wear the 80-pound outfit while also using our SmartRayVision Extreme

X-Ray system. Employees from support, to research and development, to accounting all tried on the suit and attempted

to maneuver across a warehouse space, while operating our

X-Ray system.  


It was an eye-opening exercise for many, giving us added appreciation for what it’s like in the field, and reinforcing our commitment to maintain and continue to enhance several key features in our product offering: 

  •  Keeping our system lightweight will always be important to us, likewise, we believe portable should really mean portable. Walking around wearing an extra 80-pound suit is hard enough without adding equipment weight or unnecessary bulk. 
  •  Image quality and overall clarity is a non-negotiable with us...as it should be with you. Whether it’s capturing a high-quality image or just ensuring you can clearly see the controller and read the software screen (helmet or no helmet), we continue to leverage technology to make your life easier and your job no harder than it already is.
  • “Parts and Pieces” – we understand the fewer the better. An awesome tool is not useful if it is difficult to deploy. With the operator having only two hands and wearing a bomb suit, it would be very hard to deal with several devices and cords. 

We’ll continue to walk in your shoes (and wear your suit) to stay one step ahead of your needs.