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New Mobile X-Ray System to Increase Efficiency for Area Bomb Squad

Ben Krumholz FOX 11 News  |  Posted Thursday, June 15, 2017

Local Tech Company Donates Portable X-Ray Machine to Local Bomb Squad

Brittany Schmidt WBAY  |  Posted Tuesday, June 13 2017

From Cats to Explosives, Green Bay Tech Company leads Imaging Field

Jeff Bollier, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin  |  Posted Friday, June 9, 2017




Train the Way You Fight

Joel Riling, VP Government Programs

Anyone who’s been in the U.S. military or attended police academy training has heard the mantra, “Train the way you fight.” This need for realistic training is what drives the curriculum behind any number of EOD training centers across the country, and why SmartRayVision (SRV) is particularly proud to be a system-of-choice for training at three major schools. Read more...


Cop-Proof, Marine-Proof

Kevin Scholz, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Technology Officer

Inevitably during any training session, there’s a light bulb moment when an EOD professional will state out loud, “So this thing’s cop-proof!” or “Oh, you’ve made it marine-proof!” While it always gets a laugh, we know it’s a serious compliment. Read more...


Made Here, Because It Matters Here

Robin Pfaff, President/Chief Operating Officer

At SmartRayVision, we sell and distribute our digital X-Ray systems all over the world. And even though we deliver the

highest-quality products globally, we are proudly committed to making them right here in the USA. Read more...


Creating "What's Next" and What's Needed

Joel Riling, VP Government Programs

For the SmartRayVision team, attending various regional IABTI Expos and other trade shows is more than just an opportunity to demonstrate our products. It’s also a chance to listen and innovate. In fact trade shows are some of the best ways we explore new ideas for helping EOD techs succeed. Read more...