Meet the System: 

Extreme 2x

Extreme 2x Panel
  • 10”x12” and/or 14”x17” High-Definition DR Imager Panel 

  • Indefinite Exposure Window, allowing for X-Rays of dense or sensitive materials

  • Fabric kitting included with Velcro panel stand

  • 1 meter drop shock tolerance

  • Wireless & Wired connectivity capabilities

  • Ingress Protection rating of IP67

  • SmartRayVision EOD Software

  • Secure Encrypted X-Ray Vision Image Sharing App

  • Mosaic Auto-Stitching capabilities for large objects

  • Full Color Image Analysis filters

  • Glove Sensitive Touch Screen

  • Ingress Protection rating of IP65

  • Wireless unit allowing 5GHz connectivity

  • 400 meter Line of Sight operating distance

  • Mounts to generator with Picatinny clamp

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