More than X-Ray. System.

Setting the new standard for portable digital X-Ray

Visualize even the smallest threats and see detail not typically visible. with the incomparable SmartRayVision Extreme 2x Digital X-Ray System. SmartRayVision systems include innovatively designed components that, together, deliver critical confidence and unmatched performance.


Built for contingencies

  • Each SmartRayVision system flat panel comes with two lithium polymer batteries-one to use, one spare for quick field swap.
  • Mil-Grade Controller has sunlight readable display with multi-touch technology
  • Wireless connectivity with WiFi range up to 250m line-of-sight with                  the CommTrigger™ and up to 400m extendable range with the                         SRV Range Extender™.
  • Wired with singe point-to-point network cable. (2) 6m and a 50m ultra-thin spools to make the reach are included.

 Complete system details here.