Extreme Digital X-Ray System


SRV X1012™ | SRV X1417™

  • 10" x 12" or 14" x 17" Ruggedized Flat Panel Wireless/Wired Detector
  • Automatic exposure detection and image capture
  • SpectrumIQ™  - new advanced image processing
  • Battery powered with quick field swap
    • (2) Smart Lithium polymer batteries (1 for operation, 1 spare)
  • 16 Bit 65,536 gray levels dynamic range                                   32 Bit, 4.29 billion grey scale imaging*
  • SRV X1012 - 4.2 lp/mm resolution
  • SRV X1417 - 3.3 lp/mm resolution
  • Designed rugged for security applications
  • Wired/ Wireless connectivity
    • Single point-to-point Ethernet cable                                                         50m ultra thin and 2m-6m ultra thin
    • WiFi range, 200m line-of-sight extendable to 400m with SmartCOMM™
    • 5GHz 802.11n, WPA2-AES  
  • IP64 Ingress Protection

*32-Bit gray scale imaging level available with Extreme Kits or if SRV Long Exposure Software feature is added.

SRV X1012 Extreme System

Extreme Systems Include: 

Complete Wired/Wireless HD Panel X-Ray System including:

  • Mil-Grade Controller
  • SmartTrigger  WiFi
  • SmartTrigger Wired
  • SmartCOMM 
  • Cloud Reach Back
  • (2) 6 meter ultra thin network cable spools with containers
  • (1) 50 meter ultra thin network cable spool with kit pouch 
  • Software includes “Auto-Stitch”
  • SRV Long Exposure
  • SmartConnect


SRV Long Exposure™ Image Capture

Provides 32 Bit data file with 4.29 billion shades of grey. Also

1 pulse capability from extreme distances, tested at 30 ft.


SmartTrigger™ Products

Wired and Wireless options for remote control of the Golden Generators.


Mil-Grade Controller

  • Rugged, high performance controller
  • Computer/controller shock tolerant
  • MIL-STD 810G and IP65
  • LumiBond®  2.0 sunlight readable LED display with multi-touch technology
  • Temperature
    • Operating -20oC to 60oC, -4oF to 140oF
    • Storage -40oC to 71oC -40oF to 160oF

Operation Software 

  • Proprietary image acquisition and post-processing software
  • Multi-device wired/wireless support                         (Controller,  SmartCOMM™, IP Cameras, etc.)
  • Short range mobile device feature                                               (iPhone, iPad, and Android)
  • Multi-Image automatic and manual stitching
  • Software selectable secure high speed Wired and Wireless connectivity

2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Optional Extended Warranty and Support Plan available