Dr. Jianqiang Liu, PHD

Dr. Liu, PHD California Institute of Technology, is a leading worldwide expert in X-Ray technology holding over 20 US patents. He led the technology transfer management between PerkinElmer and GE for medical systems integration.  Also, while at PerkinElmer, he led technology development of a CCD camera and heads-up display for Lockheed-Martin’s Apache helicopter contract. His most recent US Aerospace pursuit includes analyzing airframe structural integrity through X-Ray for returning SpaceX aircraft and related flight components.  SmartRayVision has been partnered with Dr. Liu and Compass Innovations of San Jose, CA since 2014.  Compass Innovations specializes in X-Ray exposure to image data conversion. Most recent technology innovation initiatives include Video X-Ray and Non-Glass implementations.  Chief Scientist, Dr. Liu, was instrumental in developing the very special SmartRayVision “Long Exposure” technology in 2016.

Dr. John Craig, PHD

SmartRayVision software development strength starts with Dr. Craig, PHD Stanford, in Paso Robles, California who has been working with SRV EOD since 2014 and in other development projects since 2009.  Chief Software Architect, Dr. Craig, specializes in image processing and measurement algorithms dating back to 1999. He developed SmartRayVision’s original X-Ray image production software. His work on Long Exposure software integration has made this feature a leading edge EOD technology.  His most recent innovation target is Artificial Intelligence algorithms driven by his own Deep Learning engine. The AI targets include image processing and object recognition within an X-Ray image. One of Dr. Craig’s earliest R&D projects was with NASA JPL working in robotics on the Mars Rover project at JPL.  Dr. Craig is the author of "Introduction to Robotics: Mechanics & Control", now in its fourth edition, which has been the leading university-level textbook for the field of robotics for nearly 30 years, and is available in a dozen foreign languages.


New to the Software Development Team in 2017, SpiderLogic of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is leading the advancement of very new and specialized wireless communication techniques.  The SpiderLogic sourced innovation has conquered the military need for software controlled radio frequency (RF) devices - completed in 2018. SpiderLogic is now partnering with SmartRayVision to develop secure, government supportive visual Reach Back capabilities.  This new technology has grown into a comprehensive capability to support a variety EOD robot bridging and interconnecting protocols….. SpiderLogic is also an important innovation partner with X-Ray hardware communications protocols. Joining efforts with the SmartRayVision Team lead by John Craig and the Compass Innovations Team, SpiderLogic is helping to grow the many ways X-Ray data can be captured and visualized through new methods of merging hardware and software.

Mr. Robert Sobieck

The SmartRayVision COMMs are the best in the EOD business with much of our latest wireless technology influenced by our Radio Frequency Specialist Robert Sobieck.   Master Radio Frequency Engineer, Robert also leads our government spectrum use certification management.  Robert started his career with a top secret security clearance as an electrical engineer designing radar systems.   For most of the last 25 years, Robert has led a regional Wisconsin $1 Billion cellular network provider through the many technology changes into the world's today 4G and 5G networks.  Now the Sr. Director of Engineering, Robert manages “network densification”, “spectrum use”, and the perpetual high energy radio hardware evolution.