No other product lets you see more, do more, or gain more assurance for handling whatever's out there.


See small and see it all. Get extreme image quality thanks to digital imaging and high-definition, Direct Radiography panels and innovative software that puts everything and anything in full view. 


Faster Startup

Cold boot to first image is 60-75 seconds with second exposure full cycle at 8-12 seconds, so you can quickly determine what you’re up against.


1-Pulse Safety

Extreme X-Ray offers low-dose shots and one-pulse anything to help prevent inadvertent detonation and keep you safe. Plus, choose fewer pulses in any number of volleys for safe, accurate detection.


Conquer DENSITY/Distance

Shoot through steel, concrete, cars, or containers with SRV Long Exposure™. Its 32-bit data file with 4.29 billion shades of grey delivers reliable images, and offers low pulse capabilities from extreme distances, tested

at 30 feet.



Wireless OR WIRED

Get the flexibility to get the job done, in the middle of the “noise” or in the middle of nowhere. Just plug in COTS network cable and you’re automatically wired for 100 percent reliable shooting. Unplug the network cable and go wireless automatically with two modes, short or long range. 



Real-Time Sharing

Take photos of the scene and share X-Ray images as they’re captured, without fear of interference. Or forward them on to any device.


Smart Software

Easy-to-use tablet and user-friendly software equipped with numerous default features including stamped dates and times, along with a built-in help manual and the ability to export to pass X-Ray images using specialty apps.

Lightweight Portability

All housed in a complete go-pack containing everything needed to quickly setup, shoot,

and analyze.

Rugged & Field-Worthy

Robust, field design includes military grade controllers and overall components with an IP64 Ingress Protection rated for dust, dirt, splash, and a 3-foot drop shock tolerance


Visualize the smallest and the biggest objects in the image.  These are “never before” capabilities.  

Shoot with 1 pulse or multiple pulses. Get the view you need to see.