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Industry leading, American made, portable digital radiography systems 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to deliver exceptional products and support services so our customers achieve the highest value from the products they have purchased. It is our goal to build customer loyalty by being technically competent, bold, fair, flexible, and honest.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best, progressively thinking technology company in our industries. In order to drive exceptional customer loyalty, achieve sustainable growth, and foster a prosperous environment for our fellow employees.


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Meet Our Systems

Meet Our Systems

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Extreme 3x



Radio Frequency Spectrum Certified

SmartRayVision's X-Ray System achieves RF Spectrum Certification for use by all U.S. Military. 

NSWC MTAB All EOD Use Approved

SmartRayVision's X-Ray Systems is the only Direct Radiography System to be approved for Explosive Ordnance Disposal use by all U.S. Military.

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Certified

The NIJ Standard for Portable X-Ray Systems is a minimum performance standard as applied to the man-portable battery-powered x-ray systems for use by bomb technicians and investigators.


Berry Amendment Compliance

Federal regulation requiring Department of Defense funds be spent on U.S. manufactured items in order to protect the United States industrial market in times of conflict.

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"You guys make our stressful job just a little less stressful. That’s what happens when you make a product that is so versatile and can be used for so many applications! The EOD community has increased its tactical and operational capabilities 10 fold with how great this X-ray system is. It’s like cheating for us."

—  A. Stewart

United States Army

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About Us. The Greater the Challenge, the Higher We Rise. 

In the heart of downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin, you'll find SharpLogixx, LLC. the parent company of SmartRayVision. We are hard working, innovative, and motivated people. We build the most accurate, sophisticated portable X-Ray hardware and software threat detection technology in the world.  Our reliable, X-Ray technology is used every day to quickly and easily identify possible explosive threats, in clearest detail. SmartRayVision makes the impossible X-Ray - easy.  


SmartRayVision products are made in the USA which adds to our customers’ confidence that they receive product reliability, high quality performance, and attentive service. Manufacturing on American soil allows us to work with agility and flexibility, pursuing cutting-edge innovation as fast as technology evolves, and exploring special customer requests with speed-to-market quickness.  


At SmartRayVision, we expect from ourselves to always be better than our customers expect, performing with integrity and without excuses. This deep commitment to serve those who serve us is not just what we do; it’s who we are at our very core. SmartRayVision people are problem-solvers who embrace the complex and never give up on the difficult. You can count on anytime-anywhere customer service delivered by people with a passion to help those who serve - all so you and your EOD team have the certainty and confidence needed to make the critical decisions that keep us all safe.  Have the confidence that our product will work when you need it most and the confidence that our team is always ready to back you up.

About Us
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