Portable Digital Radiography Imaging Systems

We design the most sophisticated X-Ray device in the world, specifically built for EOD and Bomb Techs around the globe. It's the only EOD detection device certified by the U.S. Army. No other product lets you see more, do more, or gain more assurance for handling whatever's out there than SmartRayVision. Armed with the most advanced touchscreen technology, it sees what other manufacturer's systems can't.


SmartRayVision, invented for the men and women who work … on the Frontlines.

On The Frontlines

The Smartest Way To Look For Trouble ... Just Got Smarter!

SmartRayVision products are made in the USA to ensure customers receive product reliability, high-quality performance, and attentive service. Manufacturing on American soil allows us to work with agility and flexibility, pursuing cutting-edge innovation as fast as technology evolves.

SmartRayVision partners with some of the highest ranking government offices and state & local agencies.